The Jellyfish II was the second Jellyfish class experimental red matter powered intertemporal spacecraft that was created by the United Federation of Planets in the late 24th century. The ship was described as being "our fastest ship" and featured a unique rotating "tail." (Star Trek: Intrepid)


The design of this starship was made by Geordi La Forge in conjunction with the Daystrom Institute as well as the Vulcan Science Academy at some point in the following weeks of the Hobus crisis in 2387. A few hours later the USS Enterprise-E delivered the Jellyfish II to the USS Intrepid-A as a gift from the Vulcan Science Academy for protecting Ambassador Spock from Nero. One of the first missions of the Jellyfish II was protecting a Bajoran ship from Xindi fighters.


This experimental series of space craft were designed to be equipped with trans-metaphasic shielding which was capable of withstanding conditions that would destroy most other starships. Through the use of this form of special shielding, the Jellyfish was capable of moving through more dangerous terrain and survive it such as the interior of a star. They were designed for use by a single occupant with the vessel being the size of a shuttlecraft. In addition, the ship featured four forward mounted torpedo launchers and a warp drive. It contained a warp drive which was able to attain warp 8.

The engine unit of the Jellyfish looks similar to the warp ring design of Vulcan ships used in the 22nd century but whether this indicates a Vulcan origin to the craft is unknown. The ship was also equipped with the means to recognize the Intrepid's crew via facial recognition and voiceprint analysis.


USS Intrepid-A auxiliary craft
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