The Jellyfish was a Jellyfish class spacecraft that was created by the United Federation of Planets in the late 24th century.


This experimental series of space craft were designed to be equipped with trans-metaphasic shielding which was capable of withstanding conditions that would destroy most other starships. Through the use of this form of special shielding, the Jellyfish was capable of moving through more dangerous terrain and survive it such as the interior of a star. They were designed for use by a single occupant with the vessel being the size of a shuttlecraft. It contained a warp drive which was able to attain warp eight as well as two weapon arrays at the front of the ship.

The engine unit of the Jellyfish looks similar to the warp ring design of Vulcan ships used in the 22nd century but whether this indicates a Vulcan origin to the craft is unknown.


Jellyfish under construction

The Jellyfish being built

The design of this starship was made by Geordi La Forge in conjunction with the Daystrom Institute as well as the Vulcan Science Academy at some point in the 2380's. The ship was created with the intention of being used as part of scientific as well as exploration missions. Starfleet was working with the creators of the ship in order to determine which of the ship systems were capable of being adapted for use by the Federation.

In 2387, the ship was modified during the Hobus Crisis when the unstable star threatened to create a shockwave that would destroy entire worlds in its path with Romulus being the first planet facing a possibility of destruction. The Jellyfish was modified in order to carry the Red matter compound and was programmed to allow Ambassador Spock to pilot the craft. This allowed him to reach the star and deploy the red matter thus causing the star to collapse into a singularity.

However, he was too late as the Hobus star caused a shockwave that destroyed Romulus killing millions of Romulan lives. Spock managed to arrive at the star and deploy the red matter thus causing it to collapse into a singularity but before he could escape, the Jellyfish was intercepted by the vengeful Nero and his ship the Narada. The two craft were pulled into the singularity where they were seemingly destroyed.

Nero later ordered the use of the red matter aboard the seized ship to destroy the planet Vulcan. The ship was later destroyed when Commander Spock was able to retrieve the ship and piloted it on a collision course with the Narada, igniting the red matter. Spock survived the collision, being beamed aboard the USS Enterprise at the last moment.

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