For the primary universe counterpart, see Jadzia Dax.

In the mirror universe, Jadzia Idaris was a female Trill captain in the Terran Rebellion.


Jadzia (mirror)

Jadzia in 2371

In 2369, Jadzia was working as a mercenary captain of her own ship, the Rogue Star. A frequent client of hers was Annika Hansen, who took passage on the Rogue Star on several missions for the Obsidian Order, although her ties to the Order were unknown to Jadzia. A staple of Jadzia's outfit at this time was a curved blade that she always had at her waist.

By 2371, she was romantically involved with Benjamin Sisko. After his "death", she became involved with Julian Bashir. In 2371, Chakotay described her as having "good looks but no personality." Sometime, around 2374, Jadzia participated in a seek-and-destroy recon mission to assassinate Sela.

Jadzia was killed in 2375 in a skirmish with Alliance troops. Julian Bashir took the loss very hard. Later that year, Bashir was given command of a starship, which he named the Jadzia.

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