Isomagnetic desintegrator

Worf holding an Isomagnetic disintegrator

Isomagnetic disintegrator fire

The Isomagnetic disintegrator being fired

An Isomagnetic disintegrator was a shoulder mounted energy weapon that was used by Starfleet by the 24th century, similar to an ancient Human bazooka. The weapon fired purple energy bolts.

The technical specifications of these weapons were classified under Starfleet Security Directive 24168.9. However, what was known was that they made use of a portable magnetic charge inducer which fired a beam of isomagnetic energy that disrupted a targets electromagnetic field. The effects depended entirely on the setting being used as a low setting stunned a target by targeting their inner ear while a moderate setting cause a temporary imparement of the central nervous system and the highest setting turning a target into dust as well as static by changing its protonic charge.

In 2375, isomagnetic disintegrators were part of the armory of the Sovereign-class USS Enterprise-E. Captain Jean-Luc Picard took ten isomagnetic disintegrators on his mission to help the Ba'ku resist forced resettlement. Lieutenant Commander Worf used one of the disintegrators to great effect against a pursuing landing team sent by the Son'a. A single hit to a rock near the four soldiers caused a heavy stun effect to all of them and some minor shrapnel damage from the stone fragments of the exploded rock.

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