The Isis Foundation is a non profit organization founded and run by Lana Lang and was later run by Chloe Sullivan to provide Typhuss James Kira with information on Xindi-Suliban Alliance ship movements and also warn the Federation of an attack by the Xindi or the Suliban or the Breen. It was named for the Egyptian goddess Isis and its slogan is "Together we will rebuild our future". The Foundation's status is currently unknown since Chloe is currently running the Watchtower.

Physical appearanceEdit

The Isis Foundation is located at 618 3rd St. in Metropolis, in a rented building. The Foundation has a research center located behind the main office which has a super computer with monitors around the room for easy viewing of important files which serves as the main source of information resource. This room also serves as a communication center because it has sophisticated equipment that allows direct communication via webcam all over the world. The Foundation also has a laboratory in the basement that serves as a sickbay, but is rarely used.

Early historyEdit

Lana spies on Cole, 2382

Lana spies on Cole at the Isis Foundation

Lana Lang has always wanted to help the Federation and she got her chance when Typhuss helped her set up the Isis Foundation in 2379. However, having learned the art of deception from the Xindi, and determined to stop the Xindi from attacking the Federation. In early 2382, Typhuss asked Lana to keep an eye on Cole Turner. As Typhuss thought that Cole was in some way helping the Xindi, but could not find any evidence of it. Lana also used the Isis Foundation as a cover for her surveillance and investigations into Cole Turner in early 2382, hiding a bank of powerful computers behind the rear wall of her office, as she was helping Typhuss on a lead. (Star Trek: The New Generation)

In 2384, evidence was found, Cole was working for the Xindi helping them build a thalaron weapon. The Xindi planned to attack Earth with the thalaron weapon. A few days later the USS Intrepid-A was able to destroy the thalaron weapon. (Star Trek: The New Generation episode: "Cole returns")

Known AssetsEdit

The Isis Foundation has many resources to help Typhuss gain information on Cole Turner, to find out if he is helping the Xindi attack the Federation.

  • Supercomputer: It´s a supercomputer hidden behind the principal office of the Foundation, that is mostly used to research information. Initially, Lana Lang used it to spy on Cole Turner for Typhuss as a favor. Later, Chloe Sullivan used it to research information on Cole Turner to help Typhuss find his evidence against Cole Turner.
  • Basement lab: It´s located in the basement of the building and it's provided with many monitors and resources of investigation.

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