Intendant Kira 2374

Intendant Kira in 2374

Intendant is a position of high authority in the mirror universe and in the dark mirror universe, possibly equivalent to the Cardassian title of prefect in the regular universe. Kira Nerys was Intendant of Bajor and Terok Nor, while B'Elanna was Intendant of the Sol system. (DS9 episode: "Crossover", ST novel: Dark Passions)

Typhuss James Halliwell was Intendant of Earth in 2375. Later Typhuss became Intendant of Terran slave colonies on Bajor in 2378 after the Galactic Commonwealth was formed. Lwaxana Troi became Intendant of Betazed after Deanna joined the Galactic Commonwealth. In 2387 Typhuss joined the Galactic Commonwealth and was no longer the Intendant of the Terran slave colonies on Bajor. (Typhuss999 storyline)

Spock was Intendant of the Vulcan Resistance, a role which caused him so much strain he was said to have aged more than most humans. (TOS novel: Spectre)

Nero was Intendant of Romulus. (Trainferry88 storyline)

Known Klingon-Cardassian Alliance Intendants:

Warship VOY universeEdit

An Intendant is the chief governing body for any occupied/controlled sector/planet of the Bajoran-Cardassian Alliance. The Human Imperial equivalent of this is Viceroy and the Klingon/Illiarian version is Regent (The primary universe equivalent of this rank is Prefect). The most well known and popular is Bajoran Intendant Kira Nerys.


After 2341 when the Bajoran Empire and Cardassian Civil Union began to merge their collective territories into the unified alliance. Both governments needed a single leader or Governor to act as central leader and spokesperson of their local species/sector in order to prevent possible riots and disorder in the newly massive galactic region. So a common person was first selected to act as Intendant of each individual region (except for the central controlling planets. Their planet's Intendant would be one member of the ruling families of the planet). Afterwards every new Intendant would be elected by the people of their own system.

Command structureEdit

Each and every Intendant must first seek the permission and council of the Imperion the main governing bodies of both empires and the Alliance Council. Under the Intendant's command are mostly the alliance's military forces.