Infinity Modulator (I-MOD)

Full view of the I-MOD's original configuration

The infinity modulator, also known as the I-MOD, is a directed-energy rifle weapon designed by Seven of Nine and Perfecto Oviedo of the USS Voyager to combat the Borg.


Infinity modulator fire

A I-MOD being fired

The weapon operated on a rotating band of frequencies which prevented the Borg from adapting to the energy attacks. This effectively removed the primary advantage of all Borg drones, who could adapt to other types of weapon fire after a few strikes. While a useful weapon against the Borg, the weapon ran on a finite amount of energy and once depleted, it would need to be taken to the nearest energy station to recharge through the hazard suit or by means of physical ammunition.


Imod ef1

The I-MOD's original configuration, circa 2376

Imod ef2

An updated I-MOD, circa 2377

The weapon played a large role in Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant, with the hazard team utilizing it onboard the Vorsoth Forge holding the ship in the Delta Quadrant and later abord a Borg sphere in 2377.

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