The IKS Gr'oth (IKC-4175) (also registered as IKC Gr'oth) was a Klingon D7-class battle cruiser starship in Klingon Imperial Fleet service in the 23rd century, operational in the 2260s commanded by Captain Koloth and first officer Lieutenant Korax.


In 2267, they put in at Deep Space Station K-7 on the Federation-Klingon border, requesting shore leave privileges; however, little did they know that they would also be facing down the Federation starship USS Enterprise. They were forced to leave when a plot by a deep-cover Klingon agent to sabotage the Federation settlement on Sherman's Planet was uncovered by the presence of tribbles on the station.

As the Gr'oth left K-7, a large infestation of tribbles was beamed aboard the ship from the Enterprise. Efforts to beam them off the ship were inadequate, as the creatures moved into heavily-shielded areas. Hundreds were instead packed into life pods and ejected from the ship.

However, some tribbles still remained on the ship, hidden. The crew kept hunting them down, but one would always remain and produce a new litter. Regardless of this, the Gr'oth was a participant in the Great Tribble Hunt in the 2270s and early 2280s.

Koloth was later shown commanding both a vessel named IKS Devisor and another Gr'oth, but the relative timing is unclear.

In 2282, Koloth took his ship into battle against the Tholians. He was able to destroy two Tholian fighters before calling for assistance from Captain Kang. Kang and his ship the IKS SuvwI' protected the Gr'oth and beamed its crew aboard before Koloth set the self-destruct to destroy his ship and the remaining tribbles that it carried.

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