Sanctuary network video conference

A video conference featuring a number of Sanctuary house heads

House head is the common title of the Sanctuary Network operative in charge of an individual Sanctuary. Together, they form the council that governs the Network, and an elected smaller group of them forms the Executive Committee. Both humans and abnormals can become house heads. (Sanctuary)

Known house headsEdit

  • Dr. Helen MagnusOld City
  • Ark-Fong Li — Beijing
  • Declan MacRae — UK (previously Gregory Magnus)
  • Onryuji — Tokyo (previously Dr.Hiromara)
  • Pili — Cairo
  • Ravi — Mumbai (until October 2379)
  • Terrence Wexford — New York (until 2371)
  • Allison Grant — New Delhi (until 2371)
  • Yusuf — Monrovia

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