For the alternate mirror universe counterpart, please see Hoshi Sato II.

In the mirror universe, Hoshi Sato II was a female Terran who was the Empress of the Terran Empire during the mid to late 23rd century. She was a clone of Hoshi Sato I. During her reign, she gained the sobriquet "The Murderess of Andoria".

During her reign, news surfaced that the Klingons were developing a new weapon which posed a threat to the Empire. Sato first ordered the ISS Indomitable and ISS Thermopylae to investigate. Following the destruction of the ISS Thermopylae during a Klingon ambush, the ISS Constellation, under the command of Commodore Robert April, was then ordered to locate and secure the weapon for the empress. The Empress had previously been the target of an assassination attempt by one of her senior military advisers, which was thwarted by Nathan Thorpe, a member of her personal security detail, single-handedly. In the process, he sustained serious wounds but managed to kill the duplicitous admiral. In gratitude, she presented Thorpe with a Japanese katana sword as well as placing him in command of the Constellation.

She died in 2267, having been suffocated with a pillow by her successor Hoshi Sato III, the third and last Empress of the Sato Dynasty who was desposed by Spock in 2277.

Monarchs of the Terran Empire
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