In an alternate mirror universe, Hoshi Sato III (2335-2379) was a female Terran who became Empress of the Terran Empire in the 2370s. Hoshi looks exactly like Empress Hoshi Sato I. Because Hoshi was also a direct descendant of Hoshi Sato I, the first Empress of the Empire and Hoshi is the daughter of Hoshi Sato II.


Early lifeEdit

Hoshi was born on May 1st in 2335 to Hoshi Sato II and a male Human slave in Kyoto, Japan, on Earth and spent most of her youth there. She was knowledgable in anthropology, diplomacy and computer programming; Sato was considered very cunning and treacherous.

Reign as EmpressEdit

Hoshi was only 35 when she became Empress of the Terran Empire in 2370 after her mother Empress Hoshi Sato II was killed by the Maquis. Empress Sato took Lieutenant Commander Typhuss James Halliwell as her consort. During her reign news surfaced that the Tholians were developing a new weapon which posed a threat to the Empire. Sato first ordered the ISS Indomitable and ISS Thermopylae-A to investigate.

Following the destruction of the ISS Thermopylae-A during a Tholian ambush, the ISS Constellation, under the command of Commodore Robert April, was then ordered to locate and secure the weapon for Empress Sato. April and his crew were able to to locate and secure the weapon for Empress Sato. Empress Sato had previously been the target of an assassination attempt by one of her senior military advisors.

In 2379, the Voyager crew planned to kill Empress Sato III so Kathryn Janeway would become Empress of the Terran Empire. However, Typhuss was only using the relationship with Hoshi, in order to help Janeway assassinate Empress Sato III. After Typhuss made love to Hoshi, Kathryn entered the imperial bedroom and killed Sato with a knife. Before Hoshi died, Kathryn told Sato that she was a weak Empress and did not lead the Empire to victory against the Maquis. Kathryn also told Sato that Empress Janeway would destroy the Maquis. Soon after the death of Empress Sato III, Empress Janeway made Typhuss James Halliwell her imperial consort. Once Janeway was on the throne of the Empire, Empress Janeway took a more aggressive action against the Maquis than Sato did when she was Empress. Janeway's regin as Empress only lasted for five years until 2384 when she was removed as Empress and Hoshi Sato IV became Empress, the last of the Sato Dynasty.

Alternate timelineEdit

In an alternate timeline, Empress Sato III was killed by Annika Hansen in 2378 and later after Hoshi's death Annika became Empress of the Terran Empire, ending the Sato Dynasty forever.

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