Helen Magnus (impostor)/Susan Magnus
Helen Magnus (impostor)
The fake Helen Magnus
Vital statistics
Title Doctor


Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Sanctuary Network

Cabal (formerly)

Status Alive
Location Earth

This impostor of Helen Magnus replaced the real Helen when she was abducted by the Cabal in 2386. The impostor had all of the memories and experiences of Helen, her behavior was different from the doctor. She was flirtatious with Typhuss James Kira. Her real name is Susan McQueen.

Freelance operativeEdit

Susan McQueen (AKA Susan Magnus) worked as a freelance operative for the Cabal for several years, having some close contact with their chief of operations, Dana Whitcomb. (Sanctuary episode: The Helen Magnus Impostor)

Infiltrating the SanctuaryEdit

Helen returned from a mission and became flirtatious with Typhuss in her office by kissing him hard on the lips, saying "i missed you, sexy".

The fake Helen Magnus was always angry with the Sanctuary team, the fake Helen called Will incompetent before slapping Will across the face when the two were talking in Helen's office. This raised the suspicions of the Sanctuary team.

Two hours later Henry Foss, Will Zimmerman, Helena Kyle and Typhuss James Kira had a sercet meeting in the library.

Will asked Typhuss if he noticed any odd behavior from Magnus. Typhuss told Will that he noticed that Helen was being flirtatious with him after returning from a mission. Will told Typhuss that Magnus called him "incompetent" then Magnus slapped him across the face. Henry and Helena told Will that Helen was hiding something from them. Typhuss suspected that this Helen Magnus was an impostor and that the real Helen Magnus was abducted during her mission.

At that same moment the fake Helen Magnus came into the library and said to Typhuss: "congratulations, Captain Kira, you figured it out, that i am not the real Helen Magnus". Moments later the real Helen Magnus walked up behind the fake Helen Magnus and said "I'm the real Helen Magnus, not you" before knocking her out cold.

A few hours later Helen's doppelgänger disappeared from the Old City Sanctuary. Presumably the impostor of Helen Magnus returned to the Cabal after she disappeared from the Sanctuary. (Sanctuary episode: The Helen Magnus Impostor)

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