The Halliwell family was a Human bloodline that originated from the planet Earth.

The Halliwell family was descended from a long line of notable figures in Federation history. Their most famous ancestors included Erika Hernandez, commanding officer of Earth's second warp 5-capable starship, the Columbia and Zefram Cochrane, the inventor of warp drive. The family contributed members to the Federation Starfleet. Through several generations, the Halliwell family remained extraordinarily prominent in galactic affairs.

By 2354, the Halliwell family owned a type 4 shuttlecraft, the Reed. The shuttle was named after Malcolm Reed, a 22nd century United Earth Starfleet officer. Admiral Jonathan James Halliwell was rescued by Starfleet in 2387 from the Romulans.


Lois Lane in 2386

Family treeEdit

William Thomas Halliwell--+--Unknown woman
                 John Halliwell--+--Unknown
               Robert James Halliwell--+--Unknown woman                                   

Penelope Halliwell--+--Jonathan James Halliwell
      (See Bennett family)         |            
         Victor Bennett--+--Patty Halliwell--+--Reba Halliwell--+--Rebecca Halliwell
        |               |                 |               (See Kira family)       |             |                           |
Paige Halliwell Phoebe Halliwell Typhuss James Halliwell--+--Kira Nerys Piper Halliwell Prue Halliwell Michael Alan Halliwell

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