For the primary universe counterpart, see Gaila.

Cadet Gaila was a female 23rd century Orion individual in an alternate reality created by Nero's time travel, born around the end of the 2230s decade.


Early lifeEdit


Gaila is offered to the Pacari

In the year 2248, Gaila was given to the Pacari by her mother, Vila, as a gift from the Orions. However, Gaila's father, Kazek and her brother, Kai, then took her away, much to Vila's chagrin.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Gaila seduces Kirk

Gaila and Kirk


Gaila in her quarters at the Academy

In 2256, Gaila and Kai joined Starfleet against her father's wishes. Attending Starfleet Academy in 2258, Gaila shared a room with a fellow cadet, Nyota Uhura, during which time she notably had an intimate relationship with James T. Kirk.

Shortly thereafter, Gaila was among the cadets gathered at Kirk's hearing for his supposed cheating on the Kobayashi Maru scenario, Gaila was one of a number of cadets who were pressed into as service Starfleet officers by an emergency order from Admiral Richard Barnett during the crisis in the Vulcan system. Many cadets, including Gaila, were called into service for what was believed to be a mission of analysis and assistance. Gaila was obviously excited about the starship to which she was assigned.

USS TereshkovaEdit


Gaila, science officer

By 2262, Gaila was a lieutenant and science officer aboard the USS Tereshkova. She then reunited with brother, Kai and Captain Kirk during a rendezvous with the USS Enterprise.

She and her brother were then captured by Captain Jerath and her mother Villa. She was then taken back to her homeworld where she was force to marry one of the Pacari delegates. However, she was then saved by her brother and the Enterprise. She then asked Kirk if she could transfer to the USS Enterprise.


In the prime reality, TOS - Legion of Super-Heroes comic: "Issue 3" referenced Nyota Uhura's roommate also being an Orion girl. Presuming Uhura's life was approximately parallel to that reality, there is a good possibility that the unnamed roommate referred to was a prime reality counterpart to Gaila.

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