The First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team, also known as AR-1, is the flagship team of the Atlantis Expedition, serving the same purpose as their counterpart, SG-1, which is the flagship team for Stargate Command.

The team is currently led by Colonel John Sheppard.

Member detailEdit

Commanding officersEdit

XO (Second officers)Edit

Technical officersEdit

Research specialistsEdit

Cultural advisorsEdit

Planets visitedEdit

  • Athos
  • Balar
  • Belkan
  • Genii homeworld
  • Proculus
  • P3M-736
  • P6S-221
  • Manaria
  • M1M-316
  • M2S-181
  • M5S-768
  • Olesia
  • Asuras
  • Taranis
  • Thenora
  • Vedeena

Alternate realitiesEdit

Daedalus Variations3

An alternate version of AR-1 dead

  • In an alternate reality, the team investigated an alternate Daedalus in 2384. They arrived on the ship when they realized that it was jumping to several alternate realities. They were unable to find a solution and return to their reality. They ran out of food and eventually starved to death.
  • In another alternate reality, John Sheppard was dishonourably discharged and therefore never joined the Atlantis expedition. Consequently, AR-1 had a different leader in this reality, though his/her identity is never revealed.

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