Dierdre Watley was a female Human Starfleet officer in mid 23rd century, who served aboard the Federation starships USS Lexington and the USS Enterprise. Watley played the flute and the piccolo.


The USS EnterpriseEdit

Watley transferred to the USS Enterprise around a week before its arrival at Deep Space Station K-7 in 2268. Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien met her in a turbolift aboard the starship after the crew of the USS Defiant were brought back in time by Arne Darvin. As his great-grandmother's name was Watley, Bashir became concerned that he was his own great-grandfather and that he could be erased from time if he did not meet Watley in sickbay.

During that same year aboard the Enterprise, Watley served alongside her sister, Elaine Watley, and assisted the crew in analyzing its time jump to 1968.

Timeship One and USS HypatiaEdit

In 2272, Lieutenant Watley served as science officer of Timeship One, a joint Starfleet/DTI prototype timeship. The timeship was decommissioned later that year after a duplicate Timeship One returned from the future, with its dying crew explaining they went too far and succumbed to Hawking radiation. She later transferred to the USS Hypatia.