Destiny pulse weapon
Close-up of discharging pulse cannon
Production information



Directed energy weapon

Technical specifications

Energy pulse

Power source

Solar power




The Destiny pulse weapons are early Ancient ship-to-ship weapons, several of which were installed on the starship Destiny and the Seed ship. The weapons are very similar to the much newer Lantean pulse weapons and the Ori pulse weapons.


Destiny has double-barreled and triple-barreled turrets all along the hull, numbering at least in the dozens. They appear to be designed as anti-fighter weapons, able to fire rapidly and track fast moving targets. When activated, these weapons rise up from the hull and the turret pods open to reveal the weapons inside. On the underside of the hull is a large, four-barreled turret, which lowers away from the hull when activated. This weapon appears to be designed for attacking larger spacecraft such as motherships, as it has no apparent means of aiming horizontally and fires at a much slower rate. However, its shots are clearly superior to those of the double-barreled turrets, based on the effects it had on the shields of the Nakai mothership compared to the smaller turrets.


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