Dark Deeds
Series: Star Trek: Intrepid
Written by: Dragonboy546, Typhuss999
Story by: Typhuss999
Teleplay by: Dragonboy546, Typhuss999
Production information
Episode no.: 10x27
First aired: 2017
Date: 2390
Stardate: 63905.9

Dark Deeds is the 27th episode of Star Trek: Intrepid season 10.


Kira gets attacked by a man while she is visiting Typhuss on Earth, the man says he will kill her husband if she doesn't tell the Special Victims Unit that Typhuss attacked her. Kira comes to the SVU squad room and tells Olivia that Typhuss attacked her. SVU arrests Vice Admiral Kira but Typhuss tells Olivia that he didn't attack Kira. Soon Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance come to help Typhuss in his darkest hour. Typhuss's old friend Alex Danvers comes to help as well.



Main CastEdit

Guest StarsEdit

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