Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson in 2387
Vital statistics
Title Doctor
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction United Federation of Planets,
Stargate Command
Status Alive
Location Earth

Daniel Jackson, Ph.D. is an archaeologist and linguist from Earth who is a male Human who has several times displayed he is an individual of great integrity, often passionately arguing against morally unsound plans. He tends to be very respectful of alien cultures, except when their culture involves immoral practices, and he often approaches the unknown with an almost childlike sense of awe. However, he seems to have a hard time accepting no-win scenarios. Daniel Jackson was born on July 8, in the year 2337, on the planet Earth, in New York.

After his wife, Sha're was kidnapped by the Goa'uld, Apophis in 2360, Daniel reluctantly returned to Earth and later ended up joining the SGC's flagship team, SG-1 in the hope of saving her but wasn't able to do so as both she and her symbiote, Amaunet were killed by Daniel's teammate, Typhuss James Halliwell in 2362.

In spite of that tragedy, Daniel chose to stay on with SG-1 up until 2365 where he ascended after being left with a bad case of radiation poisoning.

Following his ascension, Jonas Quinn took Daniel's place with Daniel walking among the Ascended for over a year before he de-Ascended and eventually rejoined SG-1 in 2366.

As such, Daniel remains a member of SG-1 to this day and is also a veteran member of the team, having served on SG-1 longer than any of its current members which include Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Vala Mal Doran.

Dr. Jackson has brown hair, which he wore long through his second year on SG-1, and blue eyes. He usually wears glasses, although it is unknown how well he can see without them. His eyesight is left -3.0. He is currently the foremost expert in Ancient language and history, which has made him one of the most valuable assets of Stargate Command, with Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay, chief science officer of the Atlantis Expedition presumably a close second to Daniel.

Early lifeEdit

Daniel's parents, Melburn and Claire Jackson, were killed in an accident at the New York Museum of Art when he was eight years old, effectively leaving Daniel an orphan. His grandfather, an archaeologist named Dr. Nicholas Ballard, refused to adopt him and young Daniel was put in foster care.

Jackson eventually grew up to become an archaeologist, linguist and expert in ancient writing systems, languages and cultures. He worked under Dr. David Jordan at the University of Chicago and met Dr. Sarah Gardner. However, he was ostracized from the scientific community for his radical theories involving cross-pollination of ancient cultures and the Egyptian pyramids being landing sites for alien spaceships and were far older than previously thought. He suffered from allergies and took a high dose of Antihistamines everyday to treat them. He is also afraid of heights.


In 2360 Daniel joined the Stargate Program and SG-1, the flagship team of the SGC.

Extraction (3)

The last Ba'al clone being extracted from the host as SG-1 and Jack O'Neill watch

In 2381, he along with SG-1, Typhuss James Kira, General Jack O'Neill and Colonel Samantha Carter finally tracked down the last Ba'al clone and sent him to the Tok'ra homeworld, where they witnessed the Extraction Ceremony, the Tok'ra felt it only right that all of the current and former members of SG-1 attend the ceremony (O'Neill was a former member of the team who joined the current members, Mitchell, Typhuss, Samantha, Daniel, and Vala). It took a little over three hours for the Tok'ra to chant all of the charges against Ba'al, the last of the Goa'uld System Lords. All during this time, Ba'al was placed in a stasis chamber out of respect to the host. After all of the charges against Ba'al were presented, Ba'al was released from stasis so that he could face his executioners and give his final words. This Ba'al revealed that he might have been the last clone, but he wasn't the last Ba'al. The original still lived and wasn't traceable through a subcutaneous transmitter like the clones had been. The clone was aware of Ba'al's plan to go back in time and change the timeline in his favor by preventing the Stargate program from ever being created. The clone Ba'al bragged about Ba'al's plan, but didn't provide any details, but only that they had made a mistake in thinking that he was the last Ba'al. This was a rather unpleasant experience for Vala, who had been an unwilling host to Qetesh until the Tok'ra freed her, but she attended for the host's sake so that she could be there to offer emotional support once he was freed of the symbiote. The rest of the team returned to Earth so that they could go out to lunch with O'Neill, who promised to take them out to eat. While changing in civilian attire in the locker room, Daniel voiced the concern to Typhuss and Mitchell that the Ba'al clone might have actually been telling the truth and that they hadn't captured all of the Ba'als as they thought. What Daniel and the others didn't know was that a time traveling version of Cameron Mitchell had been aware of Ba'al's plan and gone back in time to prevent it. That version of Mitchell killed Ba'al and his Jaffa as they went back in time. Because of this act, the last of the Goa'uld System Lords had actually been killed long before SG-1 was even aware of the Goa'uld's existence.

Personality and traitsEdit

A civilian, Daniel often prefers using peaceful methods over violence which has often had him clashing with the other Stargate Command members who are part of Starfleet including Lieutenant General Jack O'Neill.

In recent years, since returning from Ascension, Daniel has retained his original sense of justice but has often displayed a lack of patience and has even gained a willingness to resort to military tactics which is demonstrated when he suggests that they kill Khalek instead of preserving him for the sake of studying him.

In addition, Daniel has also developed something of a deadpan, almost sarcastic sense of humor.

Despite being calm and the voice of reason for SG-1, Daniel is by no means a pushover or someone who can be simply underestimated. He can easily fight back and has even shown that his mental will is far stronger than anyone else's which is shown when he goes up against Replicator Carter.

This is demonstrated by his use of a phaser, rather than a standard phaser rifle in most of his career with SG-1. Despite this, he is capable with such a weapon as seen during the battle with the Replicators on Cronus' Ha'tak and the rescue of Colonel O'Neill and "Lieutenant Tyler" from Jaffa.

Due to his wife, Sha're being taken as a Goa'uld host, Daniel has developed something of a strong grudge against all Goa'uld. This is evident when he shoots a tank containing infant Goa'uld symbiotes despite Sam warning him not to do so, stating that if he did do it, then they would be no better than the Goa'uld themselves.


Interestingly enough, most of Daniel's relationships have at some point or another been used as hosts for a Goa'uld- a fact that Colonel Frank Simmons attempted to exploit to accuse Daniel of sympathizing with their enemies when questioning him-; the only definitive exceptions to this rule is Leda Kane, as Ke'ra- albeit while she went by Linea- committed crimes that were apparently at least equal to that committed by the Goa'uld, and Shyla was under the indirect influence of Goa'uld technology during their relationship. Of the others, Vala Mal Doran was a host to the minor Goa'uld Qetesh some years before she met Daniel, while Dr. Sarah Gardner and Sha're were taken as hosts by Osiris and Amaunet respectively (Although it is important to note that in both cases the women being taken as hosts had nothing to do with their relationship to Daniel). A young Jaffa called Nesa even developed a crush on Daniel, although she never possessed a symbiote herself as she was too young at first and was instead put on Tretonin when she reached the age of Prim'ta.

Sarah GardnerEdit

Dr. Sarah Gardner was his college girlfriend, the two broke up when Daniel was more focused on his work to the point of forgetting their two-month anniversary; they were reunited at the funeral of Dr. David Jordan, Daniel's old professor, but Sarah was subsequently taken as a new host for the long-trapped Goa'uld Osiris when the canopic jar that had been holding Osiris was broken while it was being taken to the museum, and remained a host for three years serving under the returned Anubis until Daniel managed to save her.


Although Sha're was given to him as a 'gift' upon the team's first visit to Abydos, Daniel quickly bonded with Sha're, remaining on Abydos after the mission to live with her for a year until Apophis' forces attacked the planet, resulting in Sha're being taken as a host for Amaunet, Apophis's queen. The two were briefly reunited when Amaunet withdrew from Sha're's mind when Apophis and Amaunet attempted to conceive a Harcesis, Sha're returning to Abydos so that the child could be safe, but they were separated again when the child was born and Amaunet regained control. Daniel finally lost her when Typhuss was forced to kill Amaunet as she attacked Daniel with a Kara kesh, although Sha're was able to use the mental link created by the device to say goodbye to Daniel before she died.


Hathor was Goa'uld queen that used her pheromones to seduce Daniel and use his DNA to create a new breed of Goa'uld, but the resulting symbiotes were subsequently destroyed by Captain Samantha Carter and Dr. Janet Frasier before Hathor fled.


Shyla was a Princess Daniel saved from committing suicide, she seduced Daniel by taking advantage of his somewhat-delusional state of mind after he was convinced to repeatedly use a Sarcophagus while trying to save his friends from the Naquadah mines; the relationship ended after Daniel was cured of his addiction.


Ke'ra, formerly known as Linea, the 'Destroyer of Worlds', her past and knowledge of her crimes was erased when her latest experiment in biological warfare resulted in her and the population of the planet she was on at the time regressing back to the prime of their adult lives and losing virtually all of their memories. Ke'ra and Daniel developed feelings for each other, but after Ke'ra took the drug to restore her memory, the mental strain caused by who she was as Ke'ra and who she'd been as Linea proved too traumatic for her, and her memory was again erased for the safety of her and others.

Leda KaneEdit

Leda Kane was a native of Tegalus in the Rand Protectorate. Leda cared for Daniel after her country was devastated in an attack, the two forming a deep relationship due to Leda's currently-poor relationship with her husband Jared Kane. She was killed a year later during the as one of the victims of a plague.

Vala Mal DoranEdit

Although Daniel initially met Vala Mal Doran when Vala tried to steal the Prometheus, they have developed an interesting relationship since then, Daniel trusting Vala when nobody else had shown her such faith in the past, although he tends to dismiss her flirtation as nothing serious in the main timeline; the two had a relationship while trapped on the Odyssey, but it is unclear if this will ever take place in the main reality.

Samantha CarterEdit

Jacob Carter, once noted in an interview that he favored the idea of a relationship between Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson; given their mutual intellects, coupled with the fact that Carter has also served as a Goa'uld host- albeit in the form of the Tok'ra, Jolinar of Malkshur-, continuing Daniel's 'curse' without falling directly victim to it, the idea of a relationship between them is not as implausible as it might be. Even without a romantic relationship, Sam and Daniel continue to be close friends, the two often collaborating to solve some of the scientific mysteries they come across on their missions, Sam determining how their discoveries work after Daniel determines their mythological origin or translates their instructions.


Jack O'NeillEdit

Jack and Daniel have a great respect for one another, despite their differences. Ever since the mission to Abydos, they have been on a first name basis, even after Jack was promoted. Although they became somewhat distant after Jack ignored Daniel's advice for most of a crucial mission, their friendship became closer after Daniel returned from Ascension.

Typhuss James HalliwellEdit

They became loyal friends during their time on SG-1; when Daniel was dying of radiation poisoning, Typhuss stated that Daniel's death would not only cost them a great warrior against the Goa'uld, but would also deprive him of a great friend.

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