Copernicus Station was a Federation Starfleet space station in operation in the late-24th century, and the first of the Copernicus type of starbases. It was an advanced research facility located near to the border of the Delta Quadrant. One of the special projects worked on was Project Resistance, under the supervision of the Doctor.


In the year 2379, the station came under attack from the Borg. After damaging the station, several Borg drones transported aboard and began the process of assimilation. The Borg Queen herself led the invasion aboard a standard Borg cube. The cube was destroyed by intervention from the Intrepid-class starship, USS Voyager, under the command of Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway. (VOY movie: Borg Invasion 4D)

The Doctor was still assigned to the station in the 2380s decade, when he traveled to a medical conference at Space Station Diamandis 1. (ST comic: "Flesh and Stone")