This page details a counterpart of Constitution class in the alternate reality created by Nero's temporal incursion; for the Constitution class in the primary universe see Constitution class; for the Constitution class in the mirror universe see Constitution class (mirror); for the Constitution class in all other alternate universes see Constitution class (alternates).

The Constitution-class was a type of starship operated by the Federation Starfleet as a heavy cruiser and flagship in the 2250s of the
alternate reality created by the temporal displacement of the Narada. One notable member of the class was the USS Enterprise, which launched in 2258.


USS Enterprise firing on Narada

The USS Enterprise jumps out of warp and fires all phasers on the Narada's missiles

The class featured a saucer section connected by a neck on the rear of the saucer which ran down into the vessel's engineering hull. The primary hull contained the bridge on A-deck, officer and crew quarters on D and E-decks, a personnel transporter room on F-deck, and sickbay on G-deck. The saucer section was also fitted with six phaser battery placements, three dorsal and three ventral, with two batteries at each placement. The saucer section could also be separated in emergencies. The ship has a total of 36 decks, 17 at the saucer and 19 at the rest of the ship.

The secondary hull housed the ship's engineering facilities, with primary engineering control on N and O-decks, including the vessels' matter-antimatter injection mix warp core, which powered the vessels' warp drive and phasers.

USS Enterprise (alternate universe) torpedo launcher

The torpedo launcher

At the fore of the secondary hull was the class' navigational deflector, above which were twin type 4 photon torpedo launch tubes. R-deck included the ship's cargo bay and hangar bay, which could house sixteen shuttlecraft.

The secondary hull also featured the classes pylons, connecting to twin model FWG-1 warp nacelles. Like its contemporaries, the Arbiter-class, Defender-class, Guardian-class, and Interceptor-class, the Constitution-class could, in addition to its standard systems, be armed with quantum torpedoes, and the ability to temporal shift.


USS Enterprise (alternate reality) departs Spacedock

USS Enterprise departing Starbase 1 in 2258 of the alternate reality

The Constitution-class was designed by W. Matt Jefferies. Construction of the USS Enterprise was conducted at the Riverside Shipyard in Iowa on Earth, and was well underway by 2255. The Enterprise was also built at the San Francisco Fleet Yards, and had been launched into space by 2258. Her maiden voyage took place in that year, prematurely due to her being called into action in response to the Narada's attack on Vulcan.

The class wasn't placed into long duration service until the Enterprise was assigned a five-year mission after 2259.

In that year, a space dock manifest display graphic in the office of Admiral Christopher Pike included two Constitution-class icons identified as AF and VH-5.

In the 2250s members of the Constitution-class were part of the Starfleet force that battled starships of the Romulan Star Empire.

When incursions caused by the Na'kuhl and the Sphere Builders of the primary universe allowed this universe to be seen, members of the Federation of the year 2410 decided to build these ships in their universe, noting that the technology seen here was as modern as theirs, despite the alternate universe being over 150 years into the past.

Ships commissionedEdit

Mirror universeEdit

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