Colonel Kira Nerys

Colonel is the highest commissioned officer rank in a number of military organizations. A colonel is equivalent in rank to a naval officer rank of captain.

Bajoran MilitiaEdit

The Bajoran Militia has several grades of colonel, including the rank of field colonel.

Bajoran field colonel
Day Kannu's field colonel insignia.
Bajoran colonel (Kira)
Kira Nerys's colonel insignia.
Bajoran colonel (Lenaris)
Lenaris Holem's colonel insignia.
Bajoran Li Nalas insignia
Li Nalas's navarch insignia.

Positions and ListsEdit

Grades noted where known.

United States Military Forces colonelsEdit

A colonel and a lieutenant colonel are both addressed as "colonel" in the US system. The two ranks are between major and brigadier general.

  • Amber, commander of the Regimental Volunteers lost at the Siege of Las Vegas.
  • Robert Argon
  • Thaddius Riker (Union Army)
  • George Taylor

Bajoran Militia colonelsEdit

A colonel and a field colonel are both addressed as "Colonel." The two ranks are between major and general. After Bajor joined the United Federation of Planets, Bajoran colonels transferred to Starfleet with ranks of Captain.

Danteri colonelsEdit

  • Danteri Colonel Gastornis, chief administrator of Rava One

Empire of Thrace colonelsEdit

  • Hereditary Colonel Jaral Stephanopoulos

Klingon Defense Force colonelsEdit

  • Worf

Romulan Star Empire colonelsEdit

  • Laratos
  • Lovok
  • Selik
  • Hakeev
  • Veelak

Starfleet and Federation colonelsEdit

  • Anchar Ahab
  • Benjamin Kirk
  • Todd Johnson
  • Wilhelm Mann'dela
  • Patrick West

Starfleet Marine CorpsEdit


Dates listed are first appearence or mention at that rank except as noted. Grades noted where known.


  • Amber (Assumed to be US Army)


  • Danteri Colonel Gastornis


Late 2374Edit


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