The Class F shuttlecraft was a class of Federation shuttlecraft operated by Starfleet in the mid to late 23rd century.


The Class F type was introduced in the early 2260s, serving as a replacement for the worn down classes B and E. By the time of the mid 2260s, they served prominently aboard Starfleet space stations and starships.

The Class F would be used until the late 2280s, when one served aboard the USS Gemini-A. The Class F shuttlecraft had become obsolete by the 2290s. However, the Federation mission on Obsidian had one of these old vessels, modified for use in that world's desert climate. A model if this class was later seen aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2364.


The class F shuttle was equipped with engines that ran on a bulk fuel, stored in tanks and fed through lines into the engine assembly. This fuel mixture was of a particular composition, but the shuttle could be refueled from other energy sources by a sophisticated conversion process performed by an experienced engineer. In order to start the engines, the ship's battery system would provide an energy charge for ignition. Without sufficient energy, the battery would be unable to start the engine.

The fuel carried aboard a class F shuttle was sufficient for a period of time at warp speed in deep space, although the craft was limited in range by fuel supply issues. A shuttle on a long trip might not have sufficient fuel to cross the distances of a starship, necessitating the calculation of return-trip fuel, so that the shuttle does not become stranded in space or travel beyond its capacity to maintain life support for crewmembers. The Zodiac-class warp shuttle was a design offshoot of the F-class, with the main cabin of the F shuttle duplicated, but mounted on a large warp sled, without the small drive nacelle units present on the F craft.

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