Chulan was a male Romulan who lived in the late 24th century.

He was noted as being a noble from the Line of Tellus and was a Senator in the Imperial Romulan Senate. He bore witness to the chaotic times caused by the death of the mad Praetor Shinzon of Remus and its effect on the Empire. In 2385, he was selected as Praetor by Commander Donatra to replace murdered Praetor Tal'Aura, however, he proves to be a weak leader for the Romulan Star Empire.

In 2386, Donatra convinced Chulan to stop the execution of Sela and those that supported her after they were arrested by the Tal Shiar on charges of the murder of Director Rehaek. Instead of death, Chulan was persuaded to change their punishment to exile from Romulus. In 2387, Chulan along with several senators were able to escape the destruction of Romulus due to the shockwave created by the Hobus star. However, upon being rescued by the Narada, Chulan was killed by Romulan Mining Guild officer Nero, who took the Debrune Teral'n from him.

Chulan's body was one of a few found floating in space by the USS Nobel.

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