Chloe McCarthy is a female Human, a Temporal agent in the Temporal Cold War claiming to be from the 31st century, repeatedly encountered by the USS Intrepid-A in the early 2380s. Chole regarded herself as "Human, more or less." Chole has explicitly stated that she is not a Starfleet officer.

Encounters with the IntrepidEdit

In April 2380, Chole infiltrated the Intrepid, posing as an Ensign who was one of the ship's security officers. In September, Chole revealed to Captain Typhuss James Kira that she was actually a time traveler from the 31st century who was ordered to ensure that the Suliban Cabal did not interfere in historical events.

In 2381, Chole returned to the Intrepid, to warn Typhuss of the death of SCIS agent Anthony DiNozzo. Typhuss was able to save Tony from being killed by the Suliban Cabal agent Skilka. Skilka however got the jump on Chole and apparently killed her.

In 2382, Starbase 1 was attacked by the Suliban Cabal under orders from the mysterious leader of the Temporal Cold War faction, the Brotherhood, (Romulan) otherwise known as, Future Guy. Captain Typhuss James Kira who was on aboard at the time and was able to co-ordinate the station's defenses with the 9th fleet to defeat the Suliban fleet. Unofficially Typhuss was helped by in this endeavor by Chloe McCarthy a temporal agent supposedly from the 31st century. Typhuss told Chole that he thought she had died previously, Chole replied that she did die "in a manner of speaking."

In 2383, Chole returned in an attempt to stop Typhuss from going through with his mission to destroy the Xindi starbase inside the Briar Patch. In order to convince Typhuss to try a diplomatic solution with the Xindi-Suliban Alliance, she transported him to the 26th century to show him what was at stake if the war was not won. Typhuss was not deterred, but Chole gave him a Xindi initiation medal from the future in case Typhuss changed his mind, which he did. Chole admitted that she would most likely be severely disciplined for doing this. Typhuss however stated that he was going on with the mission anyway.

In 2384, Chole returned to the Intrepid to warn Typhuss that if the war with the Xindi wasn't won the Federation would become the United Bajoran Federation of Planets caused by a war with the Klingon Empire in the 25th century. Chole told Typhuss that the Federation won the war but the Federation Starfleet was destroyed by the Klingons and the Federation became the United Bajoran Federation of Planets. The Federation Starfleet became the Bajoran Starfleet.

In 2385, Chole returned during a rescue mission of Lieutenant General Jonathan J. O'Neill led by Typhuss James Kira, Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson. Chole told Typhuss that the future he saw would never happen because he ended the war with the Xindi-Suliban Alliance. (Star Trek: Intrepid)