The Calypso was a Sovereign-class captain's yacht assigned to the USS Intrepid-A in 2378.

Deck 16 also featured the launch and retrieval mechanism for the Calypso, which normally docked on the ventral side of the saucer section, opposite the bridge, and immediately below the saucer torpedo launcher. When connected to the Intrepid, only the bottom side of the yacht was exposed to space; the top of the craft was concealed by the Intrepid, and the warp nacelles were folded against the hull. Upon launch, the Calypso nacelles folded downward and the entire ship dropped away from the Intrepid.

The Calypso contained a cockpit (with dedication plaque), a small transporter and cargo area, and a docking port which made a direct connection to the Intrepid. It was capable of atmospheric flight and landing on a planetary surface. It could also generate tachyon bursts. Only one pilot was needed to fly the craft. (Star Trek: Intrepid)


USS Intrepid-A auxiliary craft
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