Birds of Prey (TV series)

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Season 7 of Birds of Prey.


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Year: 2389

Image Title # Airdate
Black Siren (alternate) "The Visitors" 7x01 June 29th, 2017
Two alternate people from another Earth, Laurel Lance and Caitlin Snow are sucked into a portal and transported to another reality where they meet Barbara Gordon and join her vigilante team, the Birds of Prey and help protect New Gotham City from meta-human criminals and other criminals. Red Arrow thinks that this Laurel is Earth Two Laurel, the doppelgänger of Laurel Lance. He tries to protect the Birds of Prey from Black Siren. Until Barbara tells Typhuss that this Laurel is from an alternate Earth and is good but is not like Earth Two Laurel. Meanwhile The Cat, The Riddler and Two-Face attack the city with his thugs, the Birds of Prey and Red Arrow must save New Gotham from this attack or will New Gotham fall to the bad guys.
TabithaSniper-0 "Tabitha's Revenge" 7x02 March 3rd, 2017‎
Tabitha Galavan heads to New Gotham City for revenge against Typhuss and plans to kill him but the Birds of Prey step in to protect him from Tabitha but unexpected help arrives, Talia al Ghul, the mentor of both Yao Fei Gulong and Oliver Queen. With help from Talia, the Birds and their new ally protect Typhuss from Tabitha. Talia is determined to help the Birds protect Typhuss from Tabitha and stop her from killing him. To make matters worse, Tabitha has brought her own ally with her, Lex Luthor, now the Birds and Talia must deal with Lex as well.
1195 The Master Returns 7x03 September 19th, 2017‎
While pondering his defeats by Typhuss and his friends, Lex discovers the Sword of the Knight Wolf Korrag, and fuses with the sword and uses the new powers to attack New Gotham City. Barbara calls upon the Mystic Force Rangers led by Jessica Russell and with them they help the Birds with their issue after Lex released half the villains that caused the Birds issues but Typhuss is a bit reluctant about it. But when Lex discovers the Bird's base of operations and captures Barbara Gordon, Typhuss and the Rangers work together to save her but can they get past the Rangers former foes to save Barbara or will Lex have won finally?.

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