For the primary universe counterpart, see Beverly Crusher.

In the mirror universe, Beverly Crusher was a female Terran slave who worked for the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance aboard the Alliance space station Sintak Nor. She had at least one child, Wesley, with the pirate Jack Crusher. Jack honored Beverly by naming his starship the Bonny Beverly. (TNG - Mirror Universe novella: The Worst of Both Worlds, Captain Parmenter storyline)

Although nothing about Beverly is revealed aside from a reference to the ship that bears her name, it can be assumed that Wesley is the child of Beverly and Jack, since family lineage seems unchanged in the mirror universe.

Jack Crusher was killed by Intendant Deanna Troi, Sintak Nor´s commanding officer, after he rebelled against the intendant. Thus, Beverly was left widowed, along with her newborn son Wesley.

In 2364, she, along with 200 other slaves, was recruited by William T. Riker to rebel against Intendant Troi and join the Terran Rebellion. She later became the chief medical officer aboard the ISS Enterprise-D. (Captain Parmenter storyline)

Dark MirrorEdit

Beverly Crusher (mirror)

Beverly Crusher

Born Beverly Howard, she married Jack Crusher in 2348 and soon after gave birth to their son, Wesley Crusher. In 2354, Jean-Luc Picard sent Jack on an away team from the ISS Stargazer in a no-win situation in which all the team died, as Picard knew was inevitable.

In 2357, Picard organised the Lagos mission, which resulted in the forced retirement from Starfleet of Beverly. Picard subsequently defended her in court and succeeded in reinstating her into Starfleet, on the condition that she would thereafter "service" him.

Beverly became Picard's captain's woman in 2364 when he became captain of ISS Enterprise-D. (TNG novel: Dark Mirror)

On stardate 44010.2 in 2367, Beverly implanted multiple viruses in Ensign Mark Stewart that served to kill him after he was discovered while on a spy mission aboard USS Enterprise-D. Deanna Troi suggested to Captain Picard that the doctor have a fatal "accident". (TNG novel: Dark Mirror)

Spectre timelineEdit

In this timeline, Beverly Crusher was not born on Luna, as that world was not terraformed as of 2324. (TOS novel: Spectre)

Picard challenged Jack Crusher to a duel and won, after which all of Crusher's "possessions" became his, including Beverly.

Picard forcefully married Beverly, but the wedding night saw Beverly scratch Picard's hand and nearly rip out his left eye out of its socket, which resulted in him murdering her that selfsame night. (TOS novel: Spectre)