The Battle of Procyon V was a battle which took place in the 26th century of an alternate timeline. It was the final battle in a war between the United Federation of Planets and the Sphere Builders.

The USS Enterprise-J led the Starfleet forces in the battle.

In 2154, as Captain Jonathan Archer was preparing to undertake a suicide mission to destroy the Xindi weapon in the Delphic Expanse, Temporal Agent Daniels transported Archer through time to the Enterprise-J, which was participating in the battle, to witness the historic occasion.

It was Daniels' hope that Archer could be convinced to abandon his suicide mission and attempt to make peace with the Xindi, informing Archer that, without him, the Federation would never come into existence and the Sphere Builders would remain unopposed. Archer was unconvinced, however, and demanded that Daniels return him to his own time.

The battle also played a pivotal moment in the Temporal Cold War as it was revealed that next to the Sphere Builders, the Na'kuhl, the Vorgons, an individual known as the Envoy, and admiral Leeta of a restored Terran Empire in the mirror universe also played roles in it, together forming an organization called the Temporal Liberation Front that advocated that time travel should not be restricted or prevented.

The Federation Temporal Agent Daniels was shortly killed before the battle by admiral Leeta as part of a 'gift' to her allies of the TLF.

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