The Battle of P4X-351 was a confrontation between the USS Intrepid-A and a Romulan Valdore-class warbird, and later the USS George Hammond in 2384. The Hammond helped the Intrepid fight the Romulan warbird in orbit of P4X-351.


The USS Intrepid was patrolling near P4X-351 when a Romulan Valdore-class warbird decloaked. The Romulan warbird locked weapons on the Intrepid. Typhuss ordered the shields to be raised and ordered the ship to go to red alert.

The BattleEdit

The Romulan warbird fired on the Intrepid, in retaliation, the Intrepid returned fire on the warbird. The warbird fired disruptors and torpedoes at the Intrepid. The Intrepid fired quantum torpedoes at the warbird. After twelve mintues of combat, the warbird fired a full spread of photon torpedoes. Typhuss ordered Colonel John Sheppard to fire all weapons at the warbird. The Intrepid fired phasers, quantum torpedoes and photon torpedoes at the warbird. The warbird fired plasma torpedoes at the Intrepid, damaging the shields and scoring several direct hits. The Intrepid sent a priority one distress call, recieved by the USS George Hammond, General Samantha Carter contacted the Intrepid, and told Typhuss that the Hammond was on its way but it would take twenty five mintues to get to P4X-351. Samantha asked Typhuss if the Intrepid could fight the Romulan warbird for twenty five mintues, Typhuss was worried that the shields wouldn't hold against the plasma torpedoes fired by the Romulan warbird. By the time the Hammond arrived at P4X-351 twenty five mintues later the Intrepid's shields were down to four percent. Samantha Carter ordered Major Marks to fire on the Romulan warbird. The Intrepid was able to fight off the Valdore class warbird, giving the George Hammond time to fire quantum phasers and disabled the warbird's weapons, saving the Intrepid from the Romulans.


Later the Hammond towed the Intrepid back to Deep Space 9 using a tractor beam.

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