"...Rest assured that the Aurora will be remembered."
Aurora's captain

The Aurora was an Aurora-class battleship in the Lantean fleet lost at the edge of the Alpha Quardant.


The crew had been put into stasis and infiltrated by the Wraith (who led them to believe that they had never put themselves in stasis) in an attempt to learn the location of Earth and gain access to intergalactic hyperdrives.

Aurora stasis pods

Counting Aurora crew stasis pods

The Aurora contained hundreds of stasis pods for the crew to inhabit during extremely extended journeys or in the event that life support failed. Within the pods was a vast network where each user could connect themselves to an artificial reality. This reality was directly linked to the ship's real-world computer database; changes could be made, and files even deleted, from within the artificial world.

The Aurora was destroyed when Colonel John Sheppard was given self-destruct codes by the ship's captain after he realized that he and his crew were beyond help. With the destruction of the ship, two Wraith cruisers were prevented from reporting Starbase Atlantis's survival to the rest of the Wraith, who believed it had been destroyed.

When the team returned to Starbase Atlantis, they commemorated the Aurora's captain and crew for sacrificing their lives to save their own.

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