The Attack on Earth or the Third Alien Invasion was the third large scale conflict between the human race, notably the United Federation of Planets, their allies and the Harvesters in 2390.


The Harvesters destroyed the New Providence colony on Jouret IV. In 2390, all contact with this colony, which was one of the Federation's outermost colonies, was lost. On stardate 63353.5, the crew of the USS Enterprise-E, investigating this situation, discovered that the entire colony had been destroyed. Admiral Martin thought that the colony was destroyed by the Terran Empire. Vice Admiral Kira didn't think the colony was destroyed by the Terran Empire, Typhuss came up with a terrifying theory, the colony was destroyed by the Harvesters, a alien species that attacked Earth in the War of 1996 and the War of 2016. Kira and Martin would get a fleet ready, John contacted the Klingons while Typhuss contacted General Shran of the Andorian Imperial Guard for help to protect Earth from the alien attack. Typhuss was talking to Kira Nerys, his wife when he lost contact with Bajor. Shortly after the Bajoran fleet was attacked and destroyed by the Harvesters, the aliens were testing the defenses of the Bajorans and Bajor's core was not harvested by the aliens. Shortly after the USS Infinity arrived at Bajor to find the fleet destroyed and the planet attacked. John and Typhuss beamed down to Bajor and saw Kira, alive and well. Kira joined Typhuss and John on the USS Infinity as they returned to Earth for the coming battle. (Star Trek: The New Generation episode: "Resurgence")

The battleEdit


​Participating forcesEdit

Harvesters attacks on Earth

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War of 1996 (1996) • War of 2016 (2016) • Attack on Earth (2390) Idalienin

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