Atlantis Expedition
Atlantis Expedition logo
The Atlantis Expedition logo
Formed: 2379
Founding Members: Colonel/Brigadier General Samantha Carter
(Commanding officer),
, • Dr./Lieutenant General Elizabeth Weir
(Former commanding officer),
Major/Lieutenant Colonel/Colonel
John Sheppard
Captain/Vice Admiral
Typhuss James Kira
(Technical officer)
Location: Starbase Atlantis
Key Leaders: Colonel/Brigadier General Samantha Carter
• Dr./Lieutenant General Elizabeth Weir
Lieutenant Colonel
John Sheppard
(2381) (Acting)

The Atlantis Expedition is an international contingent of Starfleet officers and Starfleet Marines based on Starbase Atlantis. The impetus for the expedition's creation was to explore the Kaleb system. An international committee, originally called the Atlantis Committee was established, creating the first truly international body for the management of Earth's off world affairs.

Commanding officersEdit

Starbase lifeEdit

The Atlantis expedition have set up numerous social activities to make residents of the starbase feel more at home. There is even an orientation committee to help new members get settled in.

Social Activities include:

  • Unofficial Mensa Chapter
  • Movie Screenings
  • Organised Sports and other physical activities:
    • Volleyball
    • Kickboxing
    • Golf
  • Chess Tournaments
  • Poker Nights

It is also implied that there is a bar on Starbase Atlantis (either officially or unofficially) where members can get alcoholic beverages such as beer.

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