The Archer-class was a type of Federation Starfleet scout vessel in service at least in the 2260s. Archer-class ships were designed to go "very far, very fast, and not be noticed." They go "to the edge of nowhere and peek behind the curtains."


The ships are small and cramped. Of the crew of 14, only the captain and first officer have their own quarters. The remainder of the crew shares 4 single-bed compartments by "hot bunking". The ship is also too small to have a turbolift system, instead crew rely on ladders to travel between decks.

The class was named for the famous 22nd century explorer and the fourth President of the United Federation of Planets, Jonathan Archer of United Earth and the United Federation of Planets.

Known vesselsEdit

ship name registry ship commissioning disposition
USS Archer
USS Arjuna
USS Artemis
USS Bowman
USS Huang Zhong Destroyed (2269)
USS Kyūdō
USS Locksley
USS Longbow
USS Montana NCC-1889 Active (2270)
USS Sagittarius NCC-1894 Active (2269)