The Antares-class was a small, multi-purpose Federation starship in service during the 23rd and 24th centuries. Ships of this type were often classified as survey ships, transports, cargo ships, and science vessels.

The Antares-class was constructed on a horizontal spaceframe with the standard two-nacelle configuration typically favored by the Federation. Jutting above and below the spaceframe were the ship's cargo holds, with the largest hold located below the hull. The forward living sections and bridge, with accommodation for twenty crewmembers, were located on the foremost position of the ship.

The Antares-class was around tenth of the size of a Constitution-class heavy cruiser, but its design allowed the Antares much larger cargo holds than her Constitution counterparts.

Some Antares-class vessels were converted into automated cargo drones which meant that the forward living sections were removed, as the absence of crew made these areas unnecessary.

Although the Antares-class was largely deployed in the 23rd century, at least one member of the class, the USS Hermes, remained operational in the late 2360s.

Ships comissionedEdit

  • NCC-G1465
  • NCC-G1468
  • USS Woden (NCC-325)
  • USS Antares (NCC-501)
  • USS Columbia (NCC-621)
  • USS Bantu Wind (NCC-693)
  • USS Nowlan
  • USS Procyon
  • USS Senzig (NCC-1951)
  • USS T'Saura
  • Yorkshire (NCC-330)
  • USS Hermes (NCC-10376)

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